TAPAS Y TINTOS – Authentic Miami Spanish Restaurant/Dance Spot

When you’re in the mood to experience a somewhat hidden off the beat area of South Beach, walk into Espanola Way. This one street of the beach is like walking through Spain with its authentically decorated restaurants, shops and cobblestone street. Heading to the end you’ll find Tapas Y Tintos! This restaurant offers authentic food, beer and live music from Spain. As you enter Espanola Way from Washington Ave.  You’ll notice leaving the hectic traffic , clubs/bars  and see the distinctive change to the architecture and decorations of the 2 story buildings in this narrow street. Almost getting to the end on the left is where you’ll enjoy the smells and sights of this little restaurant/dance lounge.

Tapas Y Tintos offers a cozy little restaurant which while enjoying great Spanish dishes, fills your ears with live guitar sounds and an authentic Spanish style dancer every 30 min. or so. Later in the night the dining tables are cleared and the DJ takes over with the best Spanish Rock, salsa/merengue and popular dance hits. Perfect to burn those dinner calories away!! If you prefer to sit under the stars and away from the music, you can also choose one of the outside tables to wine and dine. This great little restaurant is surrounded by shops and cafe’s too, so you’ll have many visitors of the street strolling around without having to dodge the South Beach traffic.

Our Opinion:

There’s a convenient parking at the rear (West) of Espanola Way which you can walk right to Tapas Y Tintos. Reservations are suggested due to the size, especially for groups more than two. You will be dancing and drinking shoulder to shoulder with others if you stay late, unless you grab the outside seating. Dine early if you want to avoid the music and crowd that arrives later.


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