Popular & Hidden Miami Cuban Restaurants

One of the things Miami is loaded with is Cuban culture and its restaurants. Cuban food has such an amazing variety of tastes in their meats, seafood, scrumptious desserts and strong eye opening coffees. You’ll pretty much experience many of the tasteful variety of plates that Latin food offers in all of these locations because the one common thing about all their menus is how vast they are.




Locations throughout Miami

This restaurant chain’s locations are always decorated in traditional Cuban decor inside and out. Their menu is vast with many delicious Cuban dishes and desserts. If you’re in the mood to stop for quick coffee or a pastelito,¬† enjoy them through their quick service outside window because it’s a great way to catch up with friends and even strangers out there since that’s where everyone shares great conversation.




Hialeah – 2050 W. 56th St #33, Hialeah, FL 33016 (305) 819-5590

Here’s a great Latin restaurant which many haven’t heard of nor have ever seen. This is the creation of a couple, one from Cuba and the other from Puerto Rico. Don’t expect an over the top design or decorations, this is a basic local eatery at where they combined their culinary ideas to serve delicious dishes including the famous “Mofongo”. Oh and you’ll also be entertained by soothing Latin voices from performers who might remind your neighbor’s abuelito!




Locations throughout Miami

So what is a Frita? I have to start first with the word, YUMMY!! This is a Cuban style hamburger which has a distinct taste with its spices and mini fries. Usually in an American hamburger you gotta fill it with mustard and ketchup, but the Frita needs nothing to give it taste. Visit one of the “El Rey De Las Fritas” to eat good Cuban food but mainly to savor this famous Cuban sandwich!




Miami – 3555 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135 (305) 444-0240

When in Miami and you’d wish to experience the ultimate and most popular locale for Cuban food, then visit this spot. The styling of this restaurant is classic with its chandeliers and glass covered walls, it’s location is smack in the middle of famous Calle Ocho in Little Havana and the food is delicious Cuban cuisine. The very busy take out window is where you’ll find the local energy of Hispanics having their strong coffee and talking about the recent gossip of the city. Politicians, actors, singers and the famous are amongst the frequent visitors this famous Miami landmark receives!


Larios on the Beach


South Beach – 820 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 532-9577

Right on Ocean Drive is Gloria Estefan’s Cuban cuisine restaurant. Surrounded by colorful decorated interiors and filled with vibrant Latin sounds, including occasional live bands. The menu has distinct Cuban dishes along with deliciously made drinks including the famous Mojito. Plus it is in a next to perfect locale right in the center of Ocean Drive.




Locations in Miami and Hialeah

Here’s a true long time locals Cuban eatery. No need to dress up, just come as you are to eat at this laid back spot and savor their thin steaks, dishes with beans and rice, meat sandwiches, fruit shakes…..pretty much anything you’d be served if you were visiting the island of Cuba. Make sure you don’t miss their famous Churros with sugar for dessert, and during winter they match perfect with hot chocolate!




Locations throughout Miami

One of the best Cuban restaurant chains in Dade and Broward county with very well prepared Latin food. These family owned eateries have all day breakfast, lunch that will have you returning to work full and late night dinners that completely satisfy because their plates are all decorated with ABUNDANT amount of all the popular  Cuban fixings.




Locations in Dade and Broward county

Here’s a popular and very affordable Cuban food restaurant that locals flock to year after year because of how delicious they prepare pretty much every dish on their menu. The Latin American Grills open early for amazing breakfasts, they’re a hotspot for business visitors during lunchtime and their dinners are notorious to stuff you full with so much variety mainly of seafood, meat, chicken and ohhhh those Cuban desserts.

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