EL TUCAN – Downtown Miami Latin Cabaret

Arrive in Downtown Miami and enter this new hot spot that will take you back in time to experience fabulous Latin cabaret performances and live music. Although Miami is known for its strong Latin culture, in reality there just aren’t many popular Latin music venues, so the folks of El Tucan took it upon themselves to shine a huge light on the matter.

So since the Mary Brickell Village area  is where all the night life energy of Downtown Miami is at, there’s where you’ll find pubs, lounges, bars playing different genres of music. From popular to rock, house to hip-hop and finally to Latin, which is where El Tucan comes to play. Upon entering you’ll be greeted by the clerk inside a pay booth which looks like a roaring 20’s box office, if you’re just going in to see the show the fee is only $10, or you can reserve a table to dine and enjoy the performances.

The entire modern-day cabaret is decorated in classic 1940’s Cuban style including palm trees and theatre style stage. At the bottom floor you can enjoy the show in an ample table perfect for a group or if it’s just you and your date, the second floor has cozy 2 person tables along the railing with a great overhead view. Arriving for a singles night out is also perfectly fine because there is ample room in either of their three bars to enjoy the show.

Ok so now you’re situated inside, perfect, here comes the entertainment. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday El Tucan has two live music and entertainment shows, The first seating is at 8:00pm and the second is at 11:00pm followed by DJ sounds to shake your hips to. The entertainment while you dine offers an outstanding variety of musical styles from Latin to Pop including a resident 11 piece Latin orchestra that not only puts on a fabulous show but grabs audience members to join them on stage.

When you visit El Tucan you’ll agree, this is what Miami was missing!

Our Opinion:

Dress to impress because you’ll feel part of the ambiance. Reserve a bottom table to feel the bands energy upclose but if you’re not in the mood to be among the crowd then reserve a second floor table where its not as crowded and you’ll have a birds-eye view.


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