Bagatelle – South Beach Modern French Restaurant

If you haven’t been to a Bagatelle restaurant in New York, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, St. Barths or St. Tropez, hey don’t worry because now there’s finally one in Miami Beach. This small but pretty amazing French restaurant has a delicious menu with a Euro-chic decor, joining the jet set crowd with the beautiful Miami nightlife.

Situated at the bottom of the new Villa Bagatelle Hotel on Collins Ave in South Beach,  Bagatelle restaurant is very modernly decorated along with colorful artwork on its walls. Wait, but in South Beach there are so many modern eateries, what sets this one apart? So as the night gets older this restaurant’s energy gets wilder!

Paint this picture. As the night gets longer and the music distracts the guests from their plates, along comes a waitress dressed up as Supergirl holding champagne bottles being carried in the air by model bartenders on their way to deliver them to a table. Oh yeah expect that wild surprise at Bagatelle especially on a Friday or Saturday night!

The music here is a mix of classics along with modern house mixed with Euro sounds. Basically your tush won’t have time to warm up its seat. Or if you’re just attending the bar, don’t expect to have more than a foot of separation between yourself and the next guest because this is definitely a “FAB” world popular hotspot at South Beach!

Our Opinion:

Easy parking all around. There’s a multi-level parking in the same building and an open air lot across the street along with metered parking throughout the blocks. Reservations definitely almost required if you’re dining, now if you arrive to just drink and party, make sure you dress to impress. Free entrance but drinks and food are costly!


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