Top Reasons to Visit Miami

Wanna get away to what’s known as the Magic City of the U.S.A? Well escape to Miami and get ready to experience a side of our country that is full of culture, beautiful ocean front hotels, fabulous food and the warmest waters in the country. Yeah Miami has a reputation of being a mega party town but it also has soooo many sights to discover, different cultural areas to enjoy and non-stop events to tie it all together!





Whether you’re admiring gorgeous bodies and Art Deco hotels at the popular South Beach or you’re low key catching rays  in Key Biscayne, Miami’s golden sands and warm water beaches are a must to do all year round. One of the best activity in Miami to do is grabbing your beach towel and heading to any of the city’s many beaches to soak up the sun then refreshing your body in the warm ocean. It’s such a great feeling because although our country has so many beaches from East to West Coast, Miami’s water temperature is soooo warm for 9 out of the 12 months in the year. So have a beach front lunch then grab your sandals and beach bag to enjoy a beautiful afternoon or night in the water!





Hot, mild heat, breezy and warm…….basically in Miami  year round those are the fabulous temperature descriptions you’ll experience. From the months of October through March the days are warm, the nights are breezy and the ocean waters are mild. So during the day on those months expect to feel a warm but comfortable heat which will allow you to dress in different variations during the day. During these months at night there is a nice comfortable breeze which is perfect to help enjoy the outdoors and city sights. Pretty much you’ll be laughing at all the upper states that require a shovel to dig their cars outta the snow daily. From the months of April through September, get ready to feel that Miami heat (not the basketball team) which gives your skin that perfect tan. Now, get ready to sweat because there is a lot of humidity down here but it’s absolutely perfect for jumping in a pool or the warm waters of Miami’s many beaches. The night time climate during these months are not only very hot but also kind of sticky, especially outside. Overall  it’s a fabulous city that hosts an amazing climate all year round.




On one of these ocean behemoths that you get in, unpack once and forget about your land life. The amazing stress relief that these ships offer with all their entertainment, shows, tons of food, gambling on board and Caribbean country hopping,  is second to none. Not only are many activities offered on board while sailing to the islands but also you have the complete freedom to just lay back on deck, relax and leave your work worries back on land. The most popular are Carnival , Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Disney Cruise Lines




Besides the warm sun and hot bodies, the other main attraction Miami offers is the amazing selection of where to go out to at night. Starting in Coral Gables which offers blocks of great lounges where locals hop from one to the other especially Friday night which is the areas most popular. On to Downtown Miami where you’ll get skyhigh lounges offering views of the city while you sip on drinks and dance, then down to the very popular Mary Brickell Village area which is a collection of restaurants, lounges, bars and clubs all next to each other. Moving a mile north are the ever growing art districts of Wynwood and Midtown which you’ll discover a different area without the big clubs but rather full of art galleries along with complementing pubs plus artsy lounges/bars and restaurants. Finally the mother of all nightlife areas, not only in Miami but also of the world,  South Beach! Here is an area of around 125 square blocks of non-stop in and out hot spots to eat, drink, dance, and party at. There you’ll discover a collection of the world’s trendiest and popular lounges and clubs along with the nations most well known food, wine and art events!  Rooftop Hotspots        Birthday HotSpots




This city provides so much for its residents and visitors along with its incredible aspects. If you live here or just visiting for a while you’ll notice that every month there are events to go attend. Whether musical, artistic, food or drink, Miami will provide top notch cultural entertainment. Here are just a few of the most popular of the top categories. Lets start off with the performing arts which takes us to the ADRIANNE ARSHT CENTER in downtown which is a beautiful and the largest most modern center in the city. Moving on to the arts require a paint brush, or your hands will do too, the COCONUT GROVE ARTS FEST. next to the ocean in the Grove always brings 3 great days of music and arts. Next comes CARNAVAL ON THE MILE in historic Coral Gables with one long street of art, drink, and food booths along with bands and all it’s popular restaurants and bars open while you attend. Ending the arts portion is the most popular in Miami and also world known, ART BASEL. This 6 day mega art event covers so many areas of the city involving painting and sculptures made by artists from all over the globe. So popular that even many A-list celebrities and musicians are spotted all over Miami. With beautiful locals in the city already, why not have gorgeous models inhabiting Miami, which brings MIAMI SWIMSUIT FASHION WEEK. The most fashionable and stylish designers in swimwear along with top models wearing them during that week of fashion. Hungry yet? the SOUTH BEACH FOOD AND WINE FEST. is the biggest and best in the city which attracts the top chefs, yup mostly all the ones you see in the Food Channel and the famous restaurants. Finally ending off with cars and boats, the MIAMI AUTO SHOW inside the Miami Beach Convention Center showcases all the newest car models from every maker and then the MIAMI BOAT SHOW does the same inside that center but besides that, now you can view inside of the mega yachts on the waterfront marina.




One of the first images that pops into mind when thinking of Miami are the lighted Art Deco hotels on famous Ocean Drive. Don’t worry, the times of old retirees occupying them are gone. Fact is that the largest portion of those early 1900 hotels are completely modernized and renovated by the inside, yet Miami Beach made sure to keep their famous nostalgic designs on the outside. Being they are located in high energy South Beach, most of these have great restaurants and lounges to dine in and party at, plus incredible clubs to dance your hips off till the morning. A few have chic rooftop lounges to sip your drinks with a great view of the stars and the smell of that salty ocean air. Wander over to Downtown Miami to stay in some of the most modern high rise hotels with majestic views of the city and the bay.




Not too far from the energy of South Beach, the variety of Downtown and the culture of the Design District, are the Florida Keys. Just around an hour away from Miami starts a series of connected keys that will provide relaxation with their lifestyle, natural beauty with sand and warm waters and some of the best seafood on the planet. If you like exploring the coral reefs and ocean, visit JOHN PENNEKAMP STATE PARK, then swing down to the famous TIKI BAR for lunch and to grab a beer ocean front. Get back in the car and put down your windows as you cross over the 7 mile bridge on the way to the southernmost point in our great country at KEY WEST!

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