Romantic Places to Propose in Miami

Here are ideas with amazing city views as well as natural settings for a romantic proposal to your future bride to be. What we’ve done is taken a survey throughout the city and collected feedback from our local women and provided where in the city would they like to be surprised at when popping the question! We’ve covered ideas from the beaches, to our parks, our oceans and the metropolis.



Beach at Sunset or Sunrise

One of our planet’s natural beauty is the ocean. Miami is surrounded by so many different settings and views of the water that they serve as perfect areas for a marriage proposal. Stretching down to Key Biscayne you’ll have the tip of Miami decorated by a beautiful lighthouse, or the backdrop of all the iconic Art Deco Hotels at South Beach,


South Pointe Park

At the very end of South Beach is a new park that boasts downtown, sandy beach, sunset and crashing ocean rock views. South Pointe Park has hidden park benches surrounded by plants and trees and a great hilltop, behind the beautiful ocean view, perfect to setup a blanket or to  stand on when proposing to your future wife to be!


Intracoastal Islands & Waterways

So here’s a marriage proposal idea that cannot be accomplished in hardly any state. Since Miami is loaded with islands inside its inner coast, a really scenic and romantic way to ask her hand in marriage is to rent a boat and wander to a nearby island. Preferably when the sun is setting or rising which will guarantee solitude for the couple. Also hiring a captain to set sail on a quiet wind driven sailboat which should offer amazing views and tranquil settings while you just concentrate on each other and paradise!


Oceanview Restaurants

Dinner is always an easy no brainer option to romance your gal but hmmmm, with so many restaurants, you need to choose carefully and include a mix of great food, view and romance. What Miami offers are many of the nations top notch restaurants with a glistening ocean and moon lite sky while enjoying amazing food. Inquire locations in the areas of Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, Miami Beach, down at the Florida Keys and up to Ft. Lauderdale. Here are a few that we recommend because of their reputation, menu, ambiance and view.

Top on our list: Rusty Pelican, Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne, Crazy About You, Smith & Wollensky, LaCote, 1 Hotel South Beach


Helicopter Ride

The natural blue and green sites of the ocean below and blue sky’s up high combined with the Art Deco and modern city scenes will be an unbelievable setting for your lover to receive a proposal. Just imagine being whisked over the beautiful celebrity mansions on the inter-coastal islands and then making a turn and flying over the waves crashing on iconic South Beach, yup smiles from ear to ear on her right about now.  Wait, the chopper will now make a turn, so here comes downtown to set more of the romantic scene below. Oh this huge, modern, constantly growing metropolis has an amazing display of lights that will be perfect to propose along side the orange glow of the setting sun! Here are a few to consider:


Cruise Ship

Romance can be achieved on the sea, even if it’s on a very large boat you’re sharing with hundreds of others! Miami docks the latest ships built to take you through the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe. They are loaded with so much fun and entertainment but they also provide romantic rooms with amazing views of the ocean that couples can gaze through everyday as the ship docks at beautiful islands and exotic ports. The top deck on every ship is a favorite spot to surprise your future wife with a proposal loaded with the sweet ocean smell in the air, gorgeous sky’s above with the moon glistening and never ending ocean views.

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