South Beach’s LINCOLN ROAD HALLOWEEN WALK – Block party

This is South Beach’s major Halloween outdoor party. Right on Lincoln Road, which houses the major shops and restaurants. Go to see and be seen as everyone walks up and down in their costumes. Not only are you going to have a blast with thousands partying back and forth on this road, but also going in and out of all the cafe’s, bar’s, lounge’s, etc… for drinks and food plus all the mingling and meeting of your fellow Halloween patrons! There are also lots of performances by local bands and the city’s radio stations do many promotions early on the long stretch. 


Our Opinion:

It is the largest Halloween party on South Beach and is also located on a great area, but with that said, it does get very cramped on Lincoln Road because of so many people on the narrow walkways. We have gone in the past and it’s great to get there early, which I recommend because of the packed parking, then start to walk up and down the long road.



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