GROVETOBERFEST – Miami’s HUGE Beer festival

As Miami’s hot summer slowly passes, this outdoor event is the perfect reason to get your friends and welcome fall. Many, many and I mean MANY beer stations from the popular to the micro-brews ready to be consumed at this beer festival in Peacock Park at the Grove. For one price you go from station to station sampling great beers, many which include the non-traditional flavors that the big breweries don’t involve in their beers. At this time of year there is such a nice breeze which will definitely sooth your senses as the alcohol flows. Also, stroll to the back of the field with your brew to sit by the bay under the shade if you’re feet need a break before continuing to sample.

While the consumption keeps going you’ll hear rockin’ sounds from local bands and popular DJ’s getting your hips shaking on your way to the next beer pour! To fuel up there are plenty of food stations to keep your knees from buckling after all the beer consumption. Buy your tickets early to get a discounted price at

Our Opinion:

Do not settle to park at an expensive $20 parking lot. Take your time and look for one of the city’s covered parking lots because they’re usually at the regular $1 an hour price. Wear light clothing and lots of sunblock and if you find a beer station with a long line just wander over to another because it’ll probably have a shorter wait.


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