Giralda Under The Stars – Art/Music Night in Coral Gables

Nestled in the Spanish named streets of beautiful Coral Gables is one Giralda St. From November to March on the first Friday of every month, this street carrying restaurant row, bustles with art, food, and live music. Every restaurant places their chairs outside on Giralda so guests are served on the street while live music is played and one of the finest rums, Zacapa, is giving out samples.

Coral Gables is a beautiful city within Miami that includes gorgeous homes and mansions, beautiful golf courses and this unique area which houses many boutiques, stores, bars, beauty salons and fine restaurants,  ect…. So a definite recommendation is to stroll through Giralda and have a seat under the stars because you will feel the romance on a clear Miami night, which coincidentally the the sky on those nights is always clear and full of stars.

These nights also offer art displays at many of the stores in the area,  so what couples and groups usually do is get there early and walk from one to the other. By the time you finish the walk then take a seat at the Giralda Street event to enjoy some great food and the view.

Our Opinion:

Arrive at Coral Gables early because it is not like the rest of Miami which is open late. RSVP’s are of course recommended to any of the restaurants on Giralda Street but not really necessary because the amount of people are never overwhelming.  A block south are two convenient public covered parking lots.

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