This art festival covers more than 5 blocks. Along with the ocean breeze and the warm weather, the locale is perfect to stroll up and down while viewing beautiful art and enjoying great eats! The people of Miami really looks forward to this big event because of not only the art but also it’s a huge reunion for locals on Sunday at the Peacock Park section.

This area has live bands, many stations to buy drinks to cool off from the Miami sun and where you’re going to eventually run into someone you know because locals make it a habit to go every year. Before entering into the main section there is an area right before it that has many art displays which is free to to go in, so remember that in case there is a piece that captures your attention in there. Really, the Grove is a great place just to walk around, so besides the Art Walk area, get there early so you can go in and out of all the boutique shops and eateries.

There are going to be many $20 to $30 parking lots but no matter what time you arrive, take your time, drive around and you’ll see affordable parking areas like the lots on Cocowalk.    Feb 18-20.

Our Opinion:

We love this arts festival because of the location, food, and beautiful art displays. Now, the displays are very expensive, so if you’re looking for a deal this is not the art show to go. If you’re a local, don’t miss Peacock Park because it’s like a big reunion. Plus the weather at that time of year is spectacular to be outside.



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