BIG CAT CATAMARAN – Miami / Intra-coastal Cruise

When you want to forget your weekly worries, book one of these tours. Trust me, I went on one of their inter coastal Miami cruises and it’s amazing! This huge 50′ catamaran leaves from beautiful Biscayne Bay where you’ll be sailing next to the Miami downtown scene. Like I said, forgetting your worries is the theme on this boat and I highly recommend taking a significant other, he or she will be impressed with your choice.

As you enter the catamaran grab a cup of unlimited wine, beer, soft drink, water, along with a great pairing of cheese, crackers, and other foods. With plenty of room, sit on super comfy cushions laid throughout the vessel as it cruises through the bay with up close views of Miami lit up at night. With the wind in your hair the crew takes you through the bay and onto the beautiful inter coastal islands filled with extravagant mansions, including the famous Star Island. There is popular soft music playing throughout the cruise but when it approaches the famed Star Island they do give you a great insight and history on most of the homes. 

To give you an idea, the night cruise (2 1/2 hrs.) is more on the romantic side because of the beautiful city lights and night sky. They do offer a daytime cruise which is much longer and with activities included. Departing Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Call for details.


Our Opinion:

We highly recommend the night cruise, it is perfect to see the beauty of the city lite up and you’ll feel an incredible breeze. The only negative to the night cruise is that you can’t get a detailed view of the celebrity’s mansions at Star Island because of the darkness. You can choose the same cruise when daylight savings time over.



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