LIV – Premier South Beach Nightclub

The premier South Beach nightclub, period! Inside the newly modernized and beautiful Fontainebleau  Hotel, this nightclub is the locale the top celebrities and sports stars attend when in Miami. The Fontainbleau Miami Beach Hotel has been one of the iconic places to stay in Miami. After all, this was the hotel that was featured at the beginning of the James Bond movie Goldfinger.

Recently the hotel had a major modern overhaul which came out stunning. Included in this facelift, they added the infamous LIV nightclub, which has been the club to attend when in South Beach. This huge venue with the not only

the best DJ’s and incredible light shows which has sky rocket it to the top of the club list but also because of the close proximity you are to the celebrities!

 Our Opinion:

Definitely a must visit to party at if you’re a club goer. Now, I have to stress that you must get yourself on their VIP list and even then get ready to pay a hefty entrance fee (men and women). If you’re not on their list then without paying for an extravagantly priced VIP table, it’s unlikely the men are getting in.


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