CAMEO – Legendary South Beach Nightclub

Cameo is “THE” legendary South Beach night club with 2 levels of slamming ambiance and the latest pumping dance beats. Built inside an old movie theater, Cameo has withstood the test of time with its popularity and continued ability to bring in the latest DJ’s.

It houses modern dance club lights, VIP areas and sounds. The second floor has an overlook to the incredible amount of people partying on the bottom plus a closed off section that pumps different music than the main floor, just to help your body move to diverse rhythms. Review their site to see some upcoming events.

Our Opinion:

Since Cameo is always bringing in special performances or popular DJ’s, check before you go just to inquire how much the entrance fee is. Just so you won’t get a surprise. Although they’re not known for long wait times at the door, we still suggest you arrive early before 11:00 just to avoid any waiting hassles. 


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